Solution Marketing

Sometimes success hinges on great messaging and positioning. Not to suggest that strategy is unimportant, but the marketing message simply has to be right for the competitive environment and buying sentiments of your target audience.

In some cases, product teams know exactly what they want to say — they just need tactical help getting the job done. At other times, companies struggle trying to position multiple products or product characteristics with multiple customer personas. They know their key value is buried in generic messaging, but they are not sure how to fix this.

Messaging and Positioning

We start with a proven approach to messaging and positioning.* We force ourselves to answer very simple questions about the product and its intended customer. Then we evaluate functional, technical and business strengths and contrast them to the competition. The output of this process is validated, role-specific buyer needs mapped to product attributes and value statements. We know we have a good messaging foundation for each buyer persona when we can answer in simple terms: What, How, and Why should I care?

Our process doesn’t end with the messaging framework. A product story still needs to come to life and be told in ways that stand out in the current business environment to target buyers at various stages of the revenue cycle. We can work one-to-one with product managers or domain experts or with the many different types of experts in large corporate and field organizations who want to be heard. Our goal: to foster alignment across product and sales teams so that everybody is pushing in the same direction.

Sales Enablement

With messaging and story line developed, we’re still not done. We need to get from raw content to clear and compelling sales and marketing tools. And, we need to develop consistent programs across all channels so that each point of contact with our target buyer reinforces the prior.

Content can take many forms: graphic, image, video, rich media, and text. Highcliff SEM teams with some of the best design and video production talent in Silicon Valley to make this happen. We’ll also work with whatever marketing infrastructure is available to develop and manage marketing programs. If necessary, we even create sales tools for account-level engagements.

*Note: Our messaging and positioning framework was strongly influenced by the proven approach developed by Geoffrey A. Moore (and described in his book Crossing the Chasm) and by the Pragmatic Marketing Framework.