Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can make you feel like you’re a kid in a candy store – so many options and bright colors to choose from. But, it doesn’t end there.

Marketing wants to create buzz. Sales wants to fill the pipeline. The product team wants voice of the customer. Service wants happy customers. Highcliff-SEM-Social-Media-Marketing The CEO? She just wants a coherent strategy to share with the board of directors. There’s talk in the board room and the break room about creating a Facebook Fan page and whether Twitter might help put the company on the map. If it were only that easy …

Just like the sugary snacks, the tools of social media are easy to consume. In the few minutes it takes to
set up an account and post a link, they can produce a sense of instant gratification. But, before heading down the path of “just do something,” it pays to set strategy, test the plan and validate results.

We are passionate about social media marketing. We understand the elements that contribute to a sound social media strategy, and we have the hands-on experience to execute a plan. But we also know
a cookie cutter approach to social media will most likely fail so we work with our clients to understand their uniqueness, integrate social media into the marketing mix, and measure effectiveness.

We firmly believe that social media marketing is much more about assembling a sustainable strategy that suits our clients’ marketing, sales and service strategies than it is about experimenting with ways to broadcast the same old messages with the latest online tools. We also understand that social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and that it’s not one thing, it’s many elements working together, including:
• Blogging
• Micro-Blogging
• Social Networking
• Social Media Monitoring
• Social PR
• Blogger Relations

We’ll assemble the plan and then help execute it, working to ensure that the purpose of each social channel is clear and that social media activities are transparent and integrated with other elements of the overall marketing plan.