Search Engine Optimization

You’ve added website meta data, updated your on page content, and submitted your websiteSEO-Services-Photo to the search engines, but still your pages do not place high on natural search results.

Link building sounds like an interesting way to build page rank, but what is the best strategy and how much more effort should you invest?

To many, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mysterious discipline. The fact is, nobody knows exactly how search engines work, but we can draw inferences from the pages that search engines like the best (they are the ones beating the rest in placement). By taking a forensic look at the pages you want to beat in search placement, we can evaluate SEO options and make informed decisions about what strategy to pursue.

Our Search Engine Optimization services start by helping you decide what search terms and pages are most relevant to your business. We’ll identify your keyword competitors, potential link targets, and then audit your website to identify opportunities for improvement, including:
• Website Structure
• Meta Data
• Page Structure
• On Page Content
• Internal / External Link Strategy
• Code Quality

Then, we’ll assemble a content and technology plan and work with your product and web teams to optimize your content and resolve any technology issues that stand in the way of high search engine placements.

Most importantly, we’ll help you integrate your SEO efforts with your online partnering, paid search, social PR, and social media strategies to give you the best chance of getting found and placing high on the major search engines.