Online Presence Management

Managing a company’s online presence can easily overwhelm a marketing organization. Why? Two primary reasons: 1) The abundance of opportunity to engage limited resources in multiple directions, and 2) The professional discipline and state of the art in technology are rapidly evolving.

To put this in context, Online Presence Management can encompass multiple initiatives:Highcliff-SEM Online Presence Management Framework
• Optimizing web content and link strategy for organic search
• Managing the company profile on numerous Internet directories
• Managing paid search and placed advertising
• Monitoring social mentions on blogs, forums, and social networks
• Engaging bloggers in direct outreach programs
• Developing a social component to public relations
• Mediating participation in online venues, events and communities

Digital Marketing Audit

Before we engage in a project we work to understand a client’s online competitive environment and opportunities by performing an extensive digital audit. We investigate areas such as website, search results, keyword and link strategy and compare them to the competition. We’ll also look at social mentions and participation, which is where the implications for companies “going social” begin to surface.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media, we believe social channels are not just a new way to broadcast marketing messages. Social media has the potential to reach target customers at all stages of the buying cycle. And, it provides a way to transparently engage a broad range of constituents including advocates, detractors, industry experts and interested bystanders. The right social media strategy for your business will depend a great deal on your target buyers and their online habits.

We use our experience in social media marketing to help clients come to grips with how social they want to be as an organization and as individuals on the Web. We counsel them on project scope, time lines and ways to measure progress to make sure that both interest and investment align with immediate and long term goals. Then, we work on their behalf to locate relevant online conversations and to find opportunities to engage in appropriate conversations with their target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

The center of online presence for most companies still tends to be the corporate website. This is where content can be organized and presented without competing for attention with advertisements and social commentary.

For research-oriented sites, this is where clear and compelling stories can be told. For eCommerce sites, this is where shopping and buying should be convenient and pleasant experiences. Both types of sites benefit from well organized content, easy navigation and pages that load quickly. But, Research and Retail sites need different page designs and types of content to compete successfully for top search placement.

We continually research and refine our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. We strive to stay abreast of the latest advances in SEO methodology, and we use multiple tool sets to develop the best approach for each client based on their individual needs and competitive environment.

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising isn’t what it used to be … compared to just a year ago it has changed quite a bit. Mobile advertising is growing steadily and both rich media and video provide attention getting alternatives to text and static graphic ads. This doesn’t indicate an end to the plain old keyword-based text ad and it doesn’t mean all ads need to be expensive graphic design projects, but it does signal a need to target campaigns and ads more specifically and to carefully consider the different places and platforms where ads can appear.

We work with clients to determine the role that Internet Advertising should play in their overall marketing plan and not just as a demand generation tool, but for message validation and targeted testing as well. Then, we provide all the help needed to implement campaigns including keyword selection, placement targeting, and production of ads and landing pages. We also provide campaign management and performance measurement so campaigns stay in budget and on track.

Highcliff SEM uses expertise gained from multiple engagements to help companies make informed decisions about social presence management. We have crafted our approach and staffing model to quickly ramp programs, and we know how to manage results to keep project plans on track.