Demand Generation

For better or worse, many marketing organizations are measured by their ability to generate demand. Where digital channels are concerned the tactics and tools may change, but the marketing challenges are strikingly similar for both B2B and B2C companies:
1. Locate target buyers online
2. Position products for the sale
3. Convert shoppers into buyers

The difference of course is one of converting a paying customer versus generating a lead for maturation, but highly targeted branding and direct response campaigns both benefit from a mix of inbound and outbound marketing techniques.

Launching New Products

Early in a market launch we use our expertise in paid search and email marketing to validate messaging and promotional offers. We start by looking at click through and response rates; we gauge entries, exits and bounce rates; and we evaluate indicators such as page views and time on site. Using a combination of Web-based tools, we dig a bit deeper. We analyze the impact that specific campaigns have on website traffic and visitor behavior. We segment visitor traffic and look for opportunities to improve content, presentation, and the buying cycle engagement process.


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Tracking Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Answering the question “Was a campaign successful?” can be as simple as identifying how many orders or leads were generated from a campaign, or by evaluating email delivery and landing page bounce rates. But to answer the question “How could we improve the campaign?” web analytics provides a powerful tool.

By evaluating the impact of a campaign on website traffic and visitor behavior we can develop deeper insights into what specific visitor segments found the most and least interesting, and even what content they found missing.

Using our knowledge of web analytics, we design campaigns for both tactical benefits and strategic insights. Then we apply and test what we’ve learned to improve the results of natural search, online advertising and social media marketing.

Integrating Marketing Programs

Throughout all campaign stages and particularly with the launch of additional marketing campaigns, we work to identify opportunities to market across channels, bringing target buyers different ways to consume content and advance through the sales cycle, however short or long it may be.